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Sustainable Packaging

We care about the world we inhabit, and our motto to work towards a better, cleaner and greener planet remains undiminished through years of operations. We collaborate deeply with our customers to provide sustainable packaging solutions under the InnovPack brand, partnering in their sustainability and environmental goals.
Our strength in research that has evolved over many years, in material sciences and process innovation, has helped us build solutions which help our clients. 
Recycle – make the packaging products more recyclable
Remove – elements from the packaging to make it more sustainable
Reduce – the negative impact of their product's Packaging on the environment


Recycle, is the commitment to use packaging that can be used multiple times. Multi-layered packaging has limited recyclability because of presence of non-homogeneous materials like aluminium films etc. Usage of mono materials in packaging solves this challenge. Through our patented offerings, we provide high performance laminates that meet the most stringent performance requirements while still keeping the packaging recyclable.




Remove, is the ultimate goal of environment friendly packaging. It is elimination of elements that have a disproportionately damaging environmental impact. Removing such elements enable your packaging to be naturally compostable. Our research in this area, has helped us develop proprietary materials and technology that make it possible to eliminate such elements in packaging while still offering the same properties required to ensure the product's aesthetic appeal and integrity



Reduce, is the commitment to consciously cut on plastic footprint left by the packaging of products. This is tough call, considering that product integrity & safety needs remain a priority that is only growing. We help you achieve the much elusive win-win by deploying our experience in packaging products and technology, to bring you options that uses minimal packaging product and yet do not compromise with the product's features.


We are committed to the Remove-Recycle-Reduce approach to empower our clients from across sectors to achieve their environment goals via packaging innovation of their products. Our steadfast commitment has helped us pursue focused research to come up with products that truly can be called – a friend of the environment!

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This is our patented high barrier coating that eliminates the requirement of metallized barrier layer from your packaging. This makes your packaging fully recyclable by moving to a mono substrate structure while still ensuring superior product performance.

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Compostable coating that provides excellent Oil & Grease resistance and Heat Sealability. A good plastic alternate for applications in QSR segment - Tub and Lids, Tea envelopes, Sugar sachets, Flow wraps for soaps etc.


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Germ Free Coating

Our unique anti-microbial coating provides 99% protection against Bacteria and Viruses within 2 hours of contact. Helps enhance performance of all kinds of packaging including laminates, cartons and labels.  

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Structural Innovations

Our unique structures in flexible laminates help you achieve your sustainability goals by reducing packaging's environmental impact while still delivering superior barrier and structural properties.


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